What Makes Fresh Start Tax Relief Services Stand Out

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About Fresh Start Tax Relief Services

We are a women-owned tax resolution company in Pasadena, California, specializing in tax preparation, tax relief, and tax settlement. We started offering our licensed tax agent services four years ago.

Our team has excellent knowledge on how to remedy tax problems, including taxpayers’ who owe more than $10,000.00 in tax debt. We also help people that receive certified letters from the IRS for a liability they can’t afford to pay. In addition, we empower individuals who are getting their paychecks garnished by the IRS or their entire bank accounts frozen and levied.

While we conduct business all year long, our peak time is during the tax season of February through May. We conduct business from our office in Pasadena and serve clients in every county of California and nationwide. We’re open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.

The Fresh Start Tax Relief Services Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is that we listen to our clients and work with honesty and integrity, which helps to relieve the stress of the tax issue.

What also sets us apart is that we work towards our clients’ goals by thoroughly analyzing their cases, running an IRS compliance check, and determining the best resolution program. Our consistent approach has made us successful.

One of our most significant achievements has been taking on tough tax cases and achieving favorable outcomes. It’s led to positive feedback from clients and word-of-mouth referrals.

Our vision for the future is to continue to grow and help more and more people who require tax help. Therefore, we stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring we constantly evolve.

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