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    Fresh Start has been unreal. Their reps Nayri and Lynn have been Fresh Start has been unreal. Their reps Nayri and Lynn have been great to work with. They quoted me a price to facilitate to start the process. Everything was exactly what they said.

    Brett Bloeman - 27th April, 2023
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    My experience always has been good, and I've never had a problem

    Betty Rogan - 17th April, 2023
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    The following was my experience in dealing with Fresh Start tax preparation service!


    If you did not file tax returns as I did not! from 1983 forward to; 2017 yes you have heard me right! Why? I am a non-custodial parent! In the year of 83" child support ordered lev-ies on my income tax credit if any wages earned & so on my to hell with that! Attitude cost me plenty! As I retired in 2017 July knowing this I sought help from 911 tax relief now known as Fresh Start Taxes. It cost me plenty! But I'll let them tell you that! As I don't know what your tax issues are? Do what I did. I told them everything and why? All I can say is this it will take time as state & federal work at their own pace. Let Fresh Start help you today!

    P.S. I am not paid nor compensated for what I have just stated.

    Phone: (626) 345-5970


    William Anderson - 01st August 2022
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    Awesome , very true to their word, Confident in their business

    Gerald S
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    I hired Fresh Start Tax a few years ago because I owed the IRS a lot of money and I had unfiled tax returns. They came to my rescue I'd say because they guided me down a path to a much brighter future. All in all they settled my $35,000.00 tax debt for $500! Thank you Fresh Start Tax Relief for my wonderful results!

    Virginia B
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    Fresh Start was amazing, I can now resume my life. They never gave up on our tax situation and now the IRS will never be an issue again. I can't thank them enough!!!!

    Clyde L
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    There are multiple advertisements for tax relief. I had a substantial tax debt, delayed tax filings and penalties as high as the highway to heaven. It took “time” for complete resolution, but we steadied the course. Fresh Start Tax Relief was supportive to the very end and never abandoned me. Despite the myriad infomercials, billboard advertising, and telecommunications bombarding the tax relief market today, Fresh Start Tax Relief is the best choice. My rating is a 10 on a scale of zero to ten. Thank you Fresh Start Tax Relief for a job well done.

    Cheryl in Texas - August 2020