Busted! Don’t Believe These Tax Resolution Myths!

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When it comes to tax resolution, most people seem very confused. This is because not everyone is aware of all the aspects that go into it, which could lead to confusion and also believing in myths being built around the whole concept of tax resolution.

Even though the process of tax resolution has been simplified in the recent past, there is still a lot of misinformation going around. Following these falsehoods is as bad as listening to poor advice, as it could get you in a lot of trouble with the IRS. To help you steer clear of misconceptions, Fresh Start Tax Relief Services has debunked two of the most widely believed myths about tax resolution.

Myth 1: Everyone can qualify for an offer in compromise
This is not true. Not everyone qualifies for an offer in compromise, aka settlement. Your financial profile determines if you qualify. This applies to everyone. People believe this myth because there are a lot of commercials on the air promoting this program.

Myth 2: You can make a deal with the IRS to remove all penalties and interest
This is partly true. While deals can be made to negotiate penalties off your balance so that the outcome is favorable to you, the interest charged is non-negotiable.

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths, reach out to Fresh Start Tax Relief Services. As the best women-owned business in Pasadena, California, we care about you and your tax issue. When you talk to us, we listen to your problem and all the issues surrounding it. We are humans, which means our stories can be very different, and the solutions may be different. Our honesty is our most important value.

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