William Anderson - 01st August 2022

Author: Fresh Start Tax Relief Services |

The following was my experience in dealing with Fresh Start tax preparation service!


If you did not file tax returns as I did not! from 1983 forward to; 2017 yes you have heard me right! Why? I am a non-custodial parent! In the year of 83" child support ordered lev-ies on my income tax credit if any wages earned & so on my to hell with that! Attitude cost me plenty! As I retired in 2017 July knowing this I sought help from 911 tax relief now known as Fresh Start Taxes. It cost me plenty! But I'll let them tell you that! As I don't know what your tax issues are? Do what I did. I told them everything and why? All I can say is this it will take time as state & federal work at their own pace. Let Fresh Start help you today!

P.S. I am not paid nor compensated for what I have just stated.

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