How do I qualify for Tax Relief?

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Tax Relief is a program that the IRS put into practice years ago, allowing taxpayers to potentially settle tax debts for a percentage of what is owed. Tax Relief is available on different levels depending on your specific tax situation. While the IRS does not openly promote these programs, Fresh Start Tax Relief specializes in finding the best possible solution for those who qualify.

Falling behind on tax payments to the IRS is more common than you may think. It is many people's dirty little secret. Owing money to the IRS can be scary and embarrassing – but we may be able to help. Fresh Start Tax Relief in Pasadena, CA understands the tax relief process, and knows how to reach a positive tax relief agreement with the IRS. We are the Tax Superwomen of Fresh Start Tax Relief, and may be able to settle your tax debts for much less than was originally owed. Based on our years of experience, we can guide you through tax audits, help reduce your tax debt, and even stop wage garnishments and bank levies from happening. Our tax relief experts are ready and waiting to listen to you with empathy. Let Fresh Start Tax Relief give you peace of mind, and more importantly – help resolve your IRS problems!